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Meet The Team

Meet the dedicated professionals behind Inception Telehealth & Wellness, a team committed to guiding you to optimal health and well-being. Whether you’re seeking hormone therapy, weight loss solutions, or just overall healthy living, our providers are here to guide you on your health journey.

Kendrick McCarty

Hormone Specialist & Founder

Kendrick McCarty is the cornerstone of Inception Telehealth & Wellness. As a board-certified nurse practitioner, Kendrick brings over 15 years of medical experience, focusing on critical care, orthopedics, and preventative medicine. He graduated from the University of Southern Mississippi, where he laid the foundation for his impressive medical career.

Education and Certifications

Kendrick's medical journey began with his graduation from the University of Southern Mississippi, where he honed his skills and knowledge in the field. His certification as a nurse practitioner is a testament to his dedication and expertise in healthcare.

Experience in Preventative Medicine and Patient Care

With a career spanning over a decade and a half, Kendrick has dedicated himself to critical care, orthopedics, and preventative medicine. His approach to patient care is holistic, focusing on treating illnesses and optimizing overall physical and mental health. This dedication to comprehensive care is what sets him apart in healthcare.

Kendrick's commitment to establishing continuity of care ensures that each patient receives personalized treatment plans to improve their quality of life and ensure prolonged wellness. His expertise is particularly notable in hormone therapy and medically assisted weight loss, where he has made significant contributions.

Beyond the Clinic

Kendrick's dedication to healthcare extends beyond his professional life. He believes in the importance of a balanced lifestyle and advocates for maintaining physical and mental well-being through various health practices. His personal experiences in the medical field have shaped his approach to patient care, making him a compassionate and understanding healthcare provider.

Sean Maynard

Director of Operations

Sean Maynard, our esteemed Director of Operations, is a powerhouse in health and wellness. As a certified Integrative Nutrition Holistic Health and Wellness counselor, Sean brings knowledge and experience to Inception Telehealth & Wellness. 

Education and Experience

His educational background is extensive, having studied at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York, NASM, ACE, and SCW, along with numerous continuing education courses.

Sean is not only a Certified Master Fitness Instructor but also a Certified Integrative Nutritional Wellness and Hormone Health Practitioner. 

His impressive career includes over 16 certifications acquired over the past 12 years. Sean's unique “3 NFH Method,” a comprehensive wellness program he developed, reflects his expertise in guiding individuals toward their health and fitness goals. 

Leadership and Vision

This method was born from his experience as a competitive athlete coach and has since been instrumental in helping over 1500 men and women since 2011.

Sean's holistic approach addresses issues such as weight loss, joint stiffness/pain, strength, muscular development, optimal cellular function, hormone imbalances, dysfunction, and performance.

His commitment to providing Elite Service and Maximal Results is evident in the transformations his clients achieve. Sean's guarantee is not just a promise; it's a commitment to excellence in health and wellness.

Joel Burwell

Medical Director

Joel Burwell is a respected authority in family medicine, joining the Inception Telehealth & Wellness team as the Medical Director. With a career spanning over three decades, Dr. Burwell brings a wealth of knowledge and an exceptional track record in patient care and medical education.

Education and Experience

Joel’s journey in medicine began at Mississippi State University in 1980. He earned his medical degree from the Southeastern College of Osteopathic Medicine at NOVA University in 1988. He completed his internship at Wellington Regional Medical Center in West Palm Beach, FL, and his residency at the University of Alabama in Selma, AL.

Board Certifications and Specializations

Joel is board-certified by the American Board of Family Medicine and the Osteopathic Board of Emergency Medicine, reflecting his extensive training and expertise in family and emergency medicine.

His ongoing involvement with the American Professional Wound Care Association since 2008 showcases his commitment to advancing in specialized medical fields.

Leadership and Vision

As Medical Director, Dr. Burwell’s vision for Inception Telehealth & Wellness is to foster an environment where holistic care is paramount. His leadership is instrumental in integrating innovative medical practices that enhance patient outcomes and promote a proactive approach to health and wellness.

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Choosing Inception Telehealth & Wellness means entrusting your health to Kendrick McCarty and our team of dedicated professionals. We are committed to providing you with the highest quality of care and guiding you on your journey to optimal health and wellness.

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